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These are my barnyard buddys they love to make new friends. They are very good listeners, they never leave your home, and are very good home watchers. You MUST have a friendly family home. And you must promise to treat my friends right and make sure you love and care for them and Im sure they will love you as much as they do me. Remember you will also agree to link the certificate back to "Our Country Home". If you already got a favorite in mind fill out the form below. Once Ive recieved and reviewed your request I will get back to you with your new barnyard friend(s) as soon as possible!
Big hugs,

Barnyard Adoption Request Form

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Betsy and Moo
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This is Betsy and Moo! Betsy came to our farm a week ago with her best friend Moo (who never leaves Betsy's side), to help me out with my farm animals. She has been wonderful, she even helps me out with my new adoptions that I have adopted. She loves to welcome people into your home and she loves to help out as much as she can.

Here is my friendship angel! She watches over all the animals on our farm. She is their protector and she keeps them well. She only takes care of clean, friendly, family sites. If you need an angel to look out for your home and watch over it then this is the angel you need. On top of everything else you will also have a wonderful friend.

Very Special Thank You to the
following Graphic Artists:

Camille thank you for the webset and main
barnyard animals: Country Graphics by Camille
Mary created Betsy and Moo!
Mary's Little Lamb
Thank you Jeanne for
creating our Friendship Angel.

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